Since the change in Smugmug there is no bio photo:-) Stay tuned...

No this isn't 'me' this is Don and no he doesn't like this picture much, but since he has no clue how to operate a computer and he wants to show his conifers to the world, well he'll have to deal with it. This is also what he does all winter, pour over conifer books.
Don is a Machine Repairman Class A at Griffin Wheel Co. and has been there for 12 years, works hard there and at home. At one time he though buying and old house and fixing it up would be fun, after 25+ years he is over that notion. All in all he is just a nice guy, even if he wasn't my hubby he would still be my best friend.

Now a bit about how this conifer obsession started. It started with a Japanese maple. then a couple more JM's and they need accessories like conifers. To help out I bought him Adrain Bloom's book Gardening with Conifers the rest is history, he's hooked and hooked bad.

Hope you enjoy the conifers, the site is no where near complete, I'm working on it!